In the 1980s, Italian masters of horror schlock Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso were hard at work in the Philippines making some of the worst zombie films you can imagine. One of those, curiously, captured my heart as a kid and that love has carried through into my adulthood. That is Mattei’s 1980 classic Hell of the Living Dead, also known as Virus and Night of the Zombies.

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of this offbeat horror classic, then I recommend you check out Mike’s review on Sick Flicks or The Cinema Snob’s treatment. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

In any case, getting back to Stellaris! I decided that Stellaris Epics #5 would be something unique. I took the story of Hell of the Living Dead and made my #5 recorded “let’s play” work out as a pseudo-sequel to the movie.

In this world, the zombies have taken over and evolved to the point where they can pilot spaceships and take over the galaxy. And voila! You have OPERATION SWEET DEATH! Named after the chemical compound created in the movie, OSD set out to conquer the galaxy and ran into a few problems along the way.

The full playthrough is done and available on my YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! Follow the links below to see each episode in its space zombie glory.

Episode 01: A terrifying new empire seeks out fresh blood! The Buurian Protectorate is our first victim.

Episode 02: A federation is born and a crisis threatens to destroy the entire galaxy! Operation Sweet Death’s efforts to expand are halted…temporarily.

Episode 03: War ravages the galaxy, and we watch in horror as Earth falls to a terrible enemy, but revenge is swift and sweet!

Episode 04: The strife of war takes its toll on the Federation and it soon dissolves, leaving Operation Sweet Death standing alone against a dangerous galaxy and an uncertain future.

And, as usual, if you’re not keen to watch the entire series, then you can always check out the Post-Mortem/Epilogue that follows each series. It’s a 30-minute rundown that will give you just what you need to know to enjoy the story!

Take Care, Fly Safe, and I will see you…out there!