A colonist prepares to descend into a metals mine at Bristol Colony.

Last Updated: 11 . 13 . 2023

It’s finally here! After months of planning and experimentation, my first-ever full playthrough of Surviving Mars is going live on my YouTube Channel! Join me for the epic saga of BRISTOL COLONY as we work to build a permanent human settlement on the angry red planet. There will be glorious domes, exploding asteroids, and alien mysteries to solve!

New episodes of this series premier on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1200 CST at www.youtube.com/@CMDRExorcist or see the full playlist by clicking the thumbnail below.

Surviving Mars: Bristol Colony
by Commander Exorcist

  • Episode 01 – Rocket landing and setting up first base utilities.
  • Episode 02 – Refining the first dome and working toward building our first spire.
  • Episode 03 – Working on the second dome.
  • Episode 04 – Working on recreation facilities and starting to build our first train system.
  • Episode 05 – The first train system on Mars is operational and we spend time refining our colony operations.
  • Episode 06 – Building our first GHG factories and starting the terraforming process.
  • Episode 07 – Struggling with some significant maintenance issues.
  • Episode 08 – A mechanical failure and lack of resources to fix the problem threatens the health and safety of the entire colony!
  • Episode 09 – An unfortunate death and a food crisis make for another anxiety-provoking visit to Bristol! Will we be able to get things under control in time?
  • Episode 10 – In this episode, we work to expand our resource generation by building some new storage tanks and a brand-new drone “daisy-chain” to reach out into the vast, Martian desert.

The YouTube playlist will always have the most up-to-date information about this playthrough, but I will do my best to keep this list updated as well. Check back for regular updates as new episodes are published Mondays and Thursdays on my YouTube Channel!