Posted June 15, 2021 in Elite Dangerous

“Out There” Goes Odyssey

My Elite Dangerous web series Out There is three years old and has seen quite a change from its early days. From the general way in which its presented to the most recent game update, Odyssey, which brings the capability for my CMDR to set foot on distant worlds for the first time. Now, it’s time for a game changer…

With the arrival of Elite Dangerous Odyssey, I have officially transitioned Out There to the new expansion and all future episodes will be filmed in Odyssey instead of the traditional setting of Horizons. I realize that some players have had challenges running the DLC, but I’ve had no problems outside of a minor stutter near a space station during launch week.

I’m happy to be walking on distant worlds and taking the Nightwish to new places unseen, but it certainly feels weird to not be playing the game on my Xbox, which has been my space home and source of content creation for the past few years. The switch to PC is absolutely not permanent for me, however. As soon as Odyssey launches on Xbox and PS5, I will be transitioning back to console. For now, though, join me every Saturday at 1200 CST for a new Out There premier on my YouTube channel.

You can see the latest episodes of Out There or browse my other gaming content (Monster Hunter, No Man’s Sky, Far Cry, etc.) on my YouTube Channel at

Fly safe out there, CMDRs! o7

Commander Exorcist