Posted June 8, 2021 in Monster Hunter, Virtual Photography

The Flooded Forest Pyramid

The Flooded Forest is easily my favorite region in the Monster Hunter franchise. It captivated me ever since its debut in Monster Hunter Tri where it was a beautiful combination of ground and underwater combat areas. Monster Hunter Rise reintroduces the Flooded Forest, but places us on the opposite side of the ancient pyramid; a complete departure from the area we accessed via Moga Village in Tri. My love for the region should make it obvious why I’ve had it on my list to photograph for weeks now.

Due to the low resolution at which the Nintendo Switch displays its games, it was necessary to take nine separate screenshots to create this composite. The final product is 3000 x 1500 pixels in size. You can view a larger (2048 x 1024px) version here.

I’ll soon be clearing out my Monster Hunter photo gallery and re-curating it with a combination of my best photos from Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, and Rise.