Pulse-R Back Catalogue Released


While I continue to finish the work on the Lunarcrest album, I’ve decided to release the entire back catalogue for my ambient and instrumental electronic project: Pulse-R. These are raw and original cuts, which have not been remastered or edited in any way from their first releases. As a bit of background, Pulse-R was founded in 2003 in my home studio at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico. Here’s a breakdow of each release, its themes, and considerations if you’d like to listen.

  • Nuclear Moon (2003): The first album was called Nuclear Moon, which explored through a series of audio samples attached to the tracks, the concepts of space exploration and nuclear war. It was recorded in 2003 in Clovis, New Mexico using a heavily patched and primitive home recording studio. The quality of the recording and the tracks themselves reflect this.
  • Lights in the Sky (2007): The second album was called Lights in the Sky and took much of its influence from my interest in UFOs and the paranormal. This album was written and recorded in Wichita Falls, Texas in 2007. It’s considered by me and by many who’ve heard it to be the ultimate expression of the Pulse-R sound.
  • Thought StruXure (2008): The third album was called Thought StruXure and it’s an enigma among Pulse-R releases. It was originally designed to be a new ambient space project which was recorded under the working title Thought StruXure – Drift. However, upon completion I believed that it shared too much in common with the Pulse-R sound, so the new name was dropped and it was added to the catalogue. Thought StruXure was recorded in 2008 in Wichita Falls, Texas.
  • Subterranean (2010): The fourth and final album was called Subterranean and took its influence from the darker elements of space exploration and some horror themes. It’s also the first and only album I’ve recorded using a Mac. It was recorded in 2010 at my home studio in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, Subterranean would be the last completed album I released until work began on Lunarcrest – Frameshift in 2018-2019.

You can now listen to each of these albums in their full, unedited madness by clicking the corresponding title above. I hope that you enjoy them.