Video Games

  • Elite Dangerous – Created by Frontier Developments in the UK, Elite Dangerous is a massive online simulation of the Milky Way galaxy including 400 billion stars to freely explore.
  • Everspace – A roguelike space combat game with amazing visuals and addictive gameplay.
  • Elder Scrolls Online – A massively multiplayer online RPG set in the world of Tamriel and the Elder Scrolls. Visit classic locations like Skyrim and Morrowind while exploring new areas such as Valenwood and Summerset in an ever growing and evolving fantasy story.

Elite Dangerous

  • SPVFA – Stellar Photography, Videography, and Fan Art (SPVFA) is the galaxy’s elite photography group and the primary source of visuals for Sagittarius Eye magazine. Yours truly is the group’s social media manager.
  • EDSM – The Elite Dangerous Star Map is a detailed catalog of discovered star systems including points of interest and information on past and upcoming expeditions.
  • Inara – An excellent resource for tracking Commander progress, status, and finding resource locations across the galaxy.
  • Eddb – The Elite Dangerous Database. A great resource for finding systems, stations, and resources.
  • Elite Dangerous Wiki – The official wiki, which includes a nearly endless amount of information related to the game. Here is a list of pages that I regularly update and maintain on the wiki:


  • Lunarcrest (Bandcamp) – The official store of my future synthpop music project.
  • Lunarcrest (Soundcloud) – The official Soundcloud page for Lunarcrest. Preview tracks in full, high-quality fidelity before you buy! ;)
  • Native Instruments – The makers of Maschine, Komplete, and Reaktor are my go-to company of choice for my digital audio workstation. All of my music since 2004 is written and recorded using NI hardware and software.