Elder Scrolls Online Gallery Updated


The recent Elsweyr update to Elder Scrolls Online has kept me away from Tamriel’s other regions, but I’m slowly getting back to these areas to continue photographing key areas. I’m happy to announce that there are quite a few additions to my ESO Gallery.

Among these new images is a stunning panorama of Shimmerene (pictured above) from Summerset and several new panoramas of Elsweyr delves, dungeons, and other points of interest. I’m preparing to head back into the Daggerfall Covenant to capture some of the classical architecture in those regions as well as ESO’s desert oasis.

The Daedric realm of Coldharbour also makes its first appearance in my ESO work with captures of The Black Forge and numerous delves and mechanical constructs that litter the dark Coldharbour landscape. I hope you all enjoy these new images. They’re available in high definition now in the ESO Gallery.