Elder Scrolls Online - Elsweyr First Impressions


The entire Elder Scrolls Online community was in a frenzy yesterday because the newest chapter, Elsweyr was finally released for all platforms. It’s been out for PC players for a few weeks, but us console peasants™ had to wait patiently for our port to arrive. Well, arrive it did, bringing an entirely new area of Tamriel to explore along with several quality of life improvements.

Ashen Scar in central Elsweyr. (Credit: CMDR DasExorcist)

The hype around this release has been intense, especially since Elsweyr is the legendary home of the Khajiit, Tamriel’s beloved cat people and the subject of countless “Khajiit coin” memes. Additionally, this chapter introduces dragons to ESO, which are something that we’ve not seen since Skyrim. I’ll admit without shame that I got chills down my back when I was playing the game last night and a dragon yelled FUS RO DAH while blowing a wave of fire my way.

The dark side of Tamriel. (Credit: CMDR DasExorcist)

Additionally, Elsweyr introduces a necromancer class to the game, which allows players to resurrect the dead and use them as combatants. It’s an interesting dynamic, especially since necromancy is illegal in Tamriel. Therefore, anyone using the necromancy class and features could potentially face legal consequences when visiting cities and settlements around the continent.

Personally, I enjoy running with my knightblade sorceress, so I have no plans to create a necromancer class at this time. Maybe in the future. For now, I’ll sit back and watch others build and experiment before diving in.

R’havyn gets a makeover. (Credit: CMDR DasExorcist)

Unlike past chapters, Zenimax has no plans to release a physical collector’s edition of Elsweyr, which is a shame given that they’re missing a prime opportunity to sell us a Khajiit collector’s figure. Instead, the digital collector’s edition comes with some in-game perks like a special pre-order mount, new outfit, and a free crown crate with a guaranteed high value item. For me, that high value item was a new camel mount (pictured above). It’s gold and R’havyn pulls out some kind of magical orb whenever she’s riding. This, to me, was a really cool way to start the chapter.

The verdict so far? Elsweyr seems a bit smaller in physical size than Morrowind and Summerset, but that doesn’t seem to detract from the region’s beauty and mystery. It’s not as accessible as other zones and there are times when players will have to plot their routes to reach certain destinations. Zenimax has also modified the contents of random bags, barrels, trunks, etc. acround the world, so there is a greater chance of picking up more useful items like motifs or crafting praxis. The story has me hooked and there are some interesting twists that I think shows how the ESO team has grown in the past few years with their creative writing skill.

Heeeeere, kitty kitty kitty… (Credit: CMDR DasExorcist)

In my opinion, there’s no better time for new or returning players to jump into ESO. It’s obvious that Zenimax/Bethesda has committed the appropriate resources and the right team to develop and maintain the game. I believe that most editions of Elsweyr available right now include the Morrowind and Summerset chapters, so it’s certainly the best deal for new players looking to get started!