Mount Wesley Submitted for EDSM Point of Interest


Today, I’m pleased to announce that I stopped being lazy for about twenty minutes and submitted Mount Wesley to the Galactic Mapping Project on the Elite Dangerous Star Map.

This incredible mountain has an interesting story. It was discovered in December 3304 shortly after the Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter Four update changed the way that players scan star systems and accumulate exploration data. It was initially believed (incorrectly) that the mountain was around 65 km in height due to the planet’s glide height and the mountain sticking up out of the scanning grid. However, subsequent measurements by other Commanders and a team from Sagittarius Eye Magazine revealed that it is around 30 km in height. Since no precise method exists in Elite Dangerous to determine mountain heights, this measurement remains a close estimate. Regardless, it’s an incredible point of interest (POI) and I believe that it should be included in the list of galactic POIs. As you can see in this video, it takes approximately 5 minutes to coast from the central peak to the base in an SRV!

Perhaps the biggest challenge for many Commanders wanting to visit Mount Wesley is it’s location. It was discovered by the Nightwish in Smojai IT-P D6-2 on A 2 A, which is a small green moon orbiting a blue gas giant. As you can see from the image above, the views from the central peak are extraordinary! Smojai IT-P D6-2 is quite a distance away from the bubble; I recommend Commanders to use the route through Hillary Depot if they want to visit. Traveling to that station provides a waypoint and brief respite before heading into the more unexplored areas surrounding it.

I announced the mountain’s discovery on the Elite Dangerous forums shortly after it was discovered, which gave pioneering Commanders such as Alec Turner to visit and base jump himself. You can view the original thread here with the discussion and disagreement about the mountain’s height. I am grateful to the Elite Dangerous community for their support in exploring this mountain and helping me to get a more realistic idea of its height. Whether it’s 65 km or 30 km high, there’s no denying that Mount Wesley is a unique place to visit in Elite Dangerous.

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