Expedition Unknown - Lost Locations


In the early days of Elite Dangerous Horizons, it was necessary for a Commander to circle a planet and use the ship’s long range scanners to locate points of interest such as geysers and brain trees on the surface. This could take many hours or even days to complete. Therefore, locations were often logged using the planetary coordinates and published in blogs, wikis, or on video descriptions. In my case, I published a YouTube video for many of my discoveries and listed the exactly location using lat/long identifiers. These days, the detailed surface scanner takes care of that work and assigns a unique ID number to each geologic location. Since the first part of Expedition Unknown travels through the center of the galaxy, I decided to visit locations I had previously mapped on the Strange Worlds Tour in 3304 to see what effects the December 2018 update had on the game.

Was I in for quite a surprise…

The geologic site at Scheau Flyi PY-I D9-4038 AB 1 B as it appeared in 3304.

The image above was taken on Scheau Flyi PY-I D9-4038 AB 1 B on 06 July 3304. This little moon is part of a twin __meatball__-like system and is covered in active volcanic sites. The fumaroles pictured above took about four hours to locate by surface navigation and were located in a series of winding canyons. It was quite an amazing place to visit and was featured in one of my YouTube Discovery Videos.

The geologic site at Scheau Flyi PY-I D9-4038 AB 1 B about 70 km from the original location.

Fast forward approximately two years to today. The Nightwish is on its way to Explorer’s Anchorage at the center of the galaxy and so I decided to make a pit stop at Scheau Flyi PY-I D9-4038 AB 1 B to see how the updated lighting system had affected the fumarole fields. I was shocked to learn from an immediate surface scan that there were no fumaroles located at the previous lat/long location. There was, however, a geologic field located approximately 70 km away from the original coordinates. They were the same color and configuration, but these fumaroles were located on a hilly area inside a fractured crater.

The geologic site at Scheau Flyi PY-I D9-4038 AB 1 B as it appears today.

After snapping some photos of this region, I set the Nightwish on course for the original landing site and set down for some brief SRV exploration. Not only had the fumaroles been removed, but the entire region was changed! The winding canyons were gone and replaced by rolling hills. This is the second location I have re-visited in the past year that are completely changed. This one was shocking, but the first one was heartbreaking. Blu Thua II-K D8-47 1 D was the first planet where I ever discovered a geologic site and it was special. The December 2018 update wiped that location off the map entirely and realigned the landscaping just like this world.

I realize that things change with time, but it really messes with the meta of Elite Dangerous in my opinion to have things change so much like that. In a way, it makes me fearful of the future for what updates could do to points of interest discovered in the current year. So basically, don’t rely on locations shown on social media or YouTube from the past. Visit the locations on your own to see what’s out there.

o7, Commanders.