Expedition Unknown 3306 - Binary Water World


Expedition Unknown is in full swing as the Nightwish traveled to the top of the galactic plane where we’re setting our sights on several waypoints designed to take us around the galactic edge and back to The Bubble later this year. This resumption takes place on the heels of major damage to the ship caused by a close encounter with a white dwarf star recently. The engineering and repair teams at Explorer’s Anchorage were phenomenal and had the ship up and running within 48 hours!

Already Finding Stuff

It didn’t take long on our journey to find a series of interesting locations to add to our codex. Among those were a rocky ice world with canyons that average 10 km in depth and a water world orbiting extremely close to a binary star system!

A water world orbiting a binary star system.

Without a doubt, this location has been my favorite location on this trip so far. For obvious reasons I can’t release the system ID at this time, but like the other locations on this trip, all will be included in a location dump here on this blog and on my social media accounts when the journey is over.

What Comes Next

I don’t anticipate any significant problems in the coming days, but IRL stuff has taken some time away from Elite Dangerous and my community brethren. That stuff should clear up soon and I’ll be able to make regular detailed reports on the mission as we go along.

Fly safe out there, CMDRs. o7