Elite Dangerous “Out There” Season Finale


It has been quite a year for the Elite Dangerous community! This year (3305) was the first full year with new exploration tools and visual upgrades brought on by the Beyond: Chapter 4 update from December of last year. This year also marked the first season of my exploration video log: Elite Dangerous: Out There. Originally planned as a series of videos with voice narration, I decided to make them short (2-3 minutes each) montages of locations I had discovered in my travels. 99.99% of the places showcased in the Out There series are first finds.

After 24 original episodes, the first season of Out There has come to a close. I am pleased to announce that Episode 25 is a “season” finale” featuring the best shots from throughout the first season set to the stunning synthpop ballad Out of Time by Scheuber.

Out There will return in 3306 with brand new episodes, new locations, and a brand new expedition into the unknown. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the season finale capstone video using the link above or check out the public playlist and binge watch the entire first season.