Elite Dangerous: Mission Update (Accident)


Commander’s Log:

The Nightwish just departed Morgan’s Rock for the second time this week following a catastrophic accident which destroyed much of the ship’s upper structure and cost us 91% of our hull integrity. This occured for reasons far too common among Elite Dangerous pilots: high gravity pilot error. We attempted to land on a 4g world and things were going well until I miscalcuated the height of a crater rim and was unable to compensate for the height differential. The Nightwish slammed into the crater wall at around 45 kps, which is devastating on a world with such high gravity. To make things worse, the vertical thrusters were damaged in the collision, which made it almost impossible to keep the ship from slamming against the crater wall a second time, which is what drove the hull integrity to a terrifying 9%!

Fortunately, we were able to recover the ship and land just south of our intended landing zone to assess damages and ultimately complete our survey mission.

We used the remote drone camera system to capture the dramatic image above, which broke my heart. I’ve never seen my baby in such poor condition before. Knowing that she was less than 9% damage from complete destruction was terrifying. Unfortunately, none of my allied Commanders were in the local area, which required us to jump 30 systems backwards to NGC 6188 for repairs. I was shocked as sparks, flames, and smoke poured out of the ship as it limped back to station for repairs. Two crew members suffered minor injuries in the accident.

Many thanks to the medical staff and repair teams at Morgan’s Rock for helping to get the ship back on its feet. We spent the evening in dry dock with an army of technicians crawling around the ship working to get her back on her feet. Because we were well on our way to David and Goliath, I decided not to remain at the station and departed as quickly as possible following the quality assurance inspection on the repairs.

To make up for the damage and the mission setback, we cruised for an hour after leaving the station before coming upon a really nice F-class star with a closely orbiting ringed lava world (pictured above). The new Elder Scrolls Online chapter releases today, so I doubt that I’ll be traveling anymore today until I’ve had a chance to explore the Khajiit homeland on Elsweyr. Until then, fly safe, CMDRs!