Elite Dangerous: Mission Update


Commander’s Log:

Last week’s discovery prompted me to divert to the nearest station, which was Morgan’s Rock in NGC 6188. The Nightwish spent most of the weekend docked as the crew took time to stretch their legs before heading back to the black. It was decided that we’d head back to David and Goliath for a quick photo and SRV session before moving along to the next expedition waypoint.

It’s curious that it didn’t take long after leaving Morgan’s Rock to find something new and interesting! Another rocky ice world of similar composition to last week’s discovery popped up on a close system map. It lacks the exaggerated surface features, however, but it does have an insanely eccentric orbit around its parent gas giant as you can see in the image below.

My biggest wish for this world in particular would have been for some kind of geologic activity, but there planet itself is as inactive as they come. Fortunately, views like the one above with the tilt of the gas giant make up for that lack of activity. We spent about an hour exploring this planet’s surface, collecting refining materials, and enjoying the sights before pressing on.

As most Elite Dangerous players will tell you, discoveries come and go. There are good days, bad days, and terrible days. Sometimes you’ll discover two amazing systems in a row; other times will take up to 200 system jumps before anything remotely interesting appears. After departing the tilted gas giant, the Nightwish entered a region of space between David and Goliath and NGC 6188 where the systems are populated mostly by rocky ice worlds and common high metal content worlds.

We ended the evening in orbit around the high metal content world pictured above. I chose it for a panorama shot because I think it closely resembles Mars and our sensors detected the presence of silicate particles caught inside of several massive hurricanes traveling around the planet’s surface. We continue to monitor and analyze atmospheric samples and will depart sometime this evening.