Elite Dangerous: Mission Update


Commander’s Log:

The Nightwish has docked for an overnight stay at Morgan’s Rock in NGC 6188 for minor repairs, restocking, and to sell our current exploration data so that I could release the location of the phenomenal rocky ice worlds David and Goliath discovered two days ago. As promised, here is the location data. I’ve also submitted these worlds to the EDSM Galactic Mapping Project.

  • Goliath: Qeajo CZ-N C20-15 AB 1 D
  • David: Qeajo CZ-N C20-15 AB 1 E

It took some convincing for the entire crew to agree to divert from our path, but the station in NGC 6188 was the closest place for us to travel to sell this exploration data. Moving on deeper into our planned route would have placed the nearest locations easily 10-20k light years away, which was not something I thought would be acceptable. 90 jumps later, the ship arrived in NGC 6188 and we’re taking advantage of human civilization, even if it is a remote installation, before heading on.

Sunrise on David (Qeajo CZ-N C20-15 AB 1 E). Credit: CMDR DasExorcist

The ship will remain in dock for the next few hours before setting back out toward David and Goliath to take a few more photos, do some system mapping, and then head toward the expedition’s second waypoint. Video footage of these amazing worlds as well as additional photos from this week will appear this weekend on the third episode of Elite Dangerous: Out There, which should drop on my YouTube channel late Saturday or midday Sunday.

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