Elite Dangerous: Mission Update


The Nightwish visited 3 red giant stars searching for any planets that might orbit very close to them. These giants tend to be the best places to find closely orbiting bodies for insane photo opportunities and exploration data. However, none of these giant stars yielded anything worth cataloguing, let alone photographing. Most of them were empty and the one with several planetary bodies was mainly unlandable ice worlds more than 1,000 light seconds (ls) away from the star.

So, it was off to the next set of stars en route to the second waypoint of the expedition. Most of the systems were nondescript, but that all changed with this gem:

Earth-like world with a landable moon. (Credit: CMDR DasExorcist)

This earth-like world is perfect for terraforming and is located in a system with 3 water worlds! It was quite a way to end a day of exploring! The ship remains in orbit around this stunning world while we analyze atmospheric data before moving on. A high definition shot of the earth-like world above is available in the Elite Dangerous Gallery.