Elite Dangerous: Mission Update


It’s been a little over two weeks since my flagship Nightwish set out on an expedition into a remote sector of the galaxy. This is the first official expedition this year and the second time I’ve taken this ship into unknown reaches of space. She performed magnificently on the last trip and has done just as well on this one. Today’s trip took me about 30 frameshift jumps deeper into unexplored territory and netted this amazing capture:

This lava world orbits at a tight 10 light seconds from its host star and has a surface covered by lava lakes that are larger than some of Earth’s continents! The atmosphere is filled with methane and other toxic gases, which quickly removed it from any option as a vacation spot. You can view a high definition version of the image above in the Elite Dangerous gallery. Fortunately, the star system also held a few icy worlds that offered a nice contrast to this orbital inferno:

This panorama was taken on an icy moon not far from the lava world pictured earlier. Scanners indicated that the green gas coming from these fumaroles is carbon dioxide. I don’t plan to sniff them to test out the readings, so I’ll just go with what the computer tells me. In any case, this system gave me an excellent opportunity to capture some nice panorama shots for the gallery. Like the lava world above, you can view the full high definition version of this image in the Elite Dangerous gallery.

The Nightwish resumes its journey tomorrow. I will post updates here and on my select social media accounts as noteworthy discoveries are made.