A New Expedition for the New Year


The 3305 (2019) holiday season is quickly approaching and I believe there are many exciting things on the horizon for 3306. As I write this entry, my flagship, the SPVFA Nightwish is docked at Signalis in the Colonia nebula region undergoing repairs and restock in preparation for a brand new expedition launching in January 3306! My last expedition lasted six months and traveled 3/4 of the way across the galaxy. This new expedition will push the ship and crew further as we travel beyond the Greeroi Veil Nebula to Beagle Point and then to selected waypoints along the galactic edge. It is my hope that I can add another group of amazing discoveries to my list just as I did on this previous expedition.

With that said, it is almost time for the first season of Elite Dangerous: Out There to come to an end. The season finale will air on my YouTube channel on December 14 of this year and include select footage showcasing the most amazing discoveries made over the past year. Last year’s recap video featured the song Woken Furies by synthwave powerhouse Gunship. I have been working on this year’s recap video for weeks and I cannot wait for you to see (and hear) it! In the meantime, please check out my YouTube channel for weekly episodes of Out There or follow my social media accounts listed on the About Me page.

Until then… fly safe, CMDRs! o7