Monster Hunter Gallery Now Open


As is the case with any gamer, my interests in certain titles ebb and flow with the passage of time. That is not to say that my passion for these titles has changed, but the amount of time that I feel compelled to invest in them has. This is the case with several high profile titles over the past few months, most notably my departure from The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). That was due largely to what I view as deceptive practices by Zenimax Online with the Elsweyr chapter, as I detailed in a post last year. They recently announced that the 2020 chapter update to ESO is going back to Skyrim, which I believe is a sign of desperation, but I digress.

Additionally, I decided to take a sabbatical from Elite Dangerous over the holidays to recharge my batteries from an extended period of exploration, photography, and video production. During that time, I found myself indulged in a different franchise; one that has only recently released its major expansion on PC: Monster Hunter.

The Ancient Forest from Monster Hunter World

I have been playing Monster Hunter World since shorlty after it was released. Since it was the first game in the series that I had ever played, it truly changed the way that I approach tough fights and challenges in games. My love for World led me to take on the rest of the series including: 3 Ultimate, 4 Ultimate, and Generations Ultimate. It is on the field of battle that I spent my holiday: carving up dangerous creatures and fighting ancient dragons in hellish environments.

Yet, just like my love of creating game photographs in Elite Dangerous and Elder Scrolls Online, I was pleased to see that Capcom included a view mode in the game to hide the user interface and allow me to take photos. Since hten, I have used that function to capture most of the locations for battling these incredible beasts in Monster Hunter World. These images are now available in their own gallery located here on my site along with the other games that I have captured.

SPVFA Nightwish departing Jaques Station in Colonia

In other news, I am close to launching the the second season of Elite Dangerous: Out There. The trailer premiered earlier this month and I am excited to see what wonders the Nightwish discovers on this journey. See you all Out There.