ESO Elsweyr is Disingenuous


I’ve played Elder Scrolls Online for quite a while and enjoyed traveling across Tamriel completing quests, collecting loot, and taking down legendary monsters from one of my favorite video game series. The Summerset expansion was one of my favorite additions to the game as it brought players to the home of the high elves and added a unique, high fantasy element to the game. The best part of Summerset and Morrowind was that each addition added a complete region, quest line, and other components to the game without the need for a significant amount of micro-transactions and downloaded content (DLC). Elsweyr changed all of that.

I purchased the Elsweyr upgrade to the game from the Xbox store with the understanding that I was getting the Elsweyr region and full quest line. After all, the game is called Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr! Well, suffice to say that was not the case. Purchasing the game from a brick and mortar retailer or online store only unlocks access to Northern Elsweyr. To gain access to the larger dungeons advertised in ESO’s Season of the Dragon, you’ll need to purchase crowns from the ESO crown store and purchase the dungeons as DLC additions. Furthermore, the recent addition, known as Dragonhold, opens up Southern Elsweyr for players, but it also requires a DLC crown store purchase to access.

I pre-ordered Fallout 76 when it appeared on Xbox, but quickly cancelled my pre-order once I had a chance to actually start playing the game. Now I’ve watched as Bethesda Game Studios has destroyed the once beloved Fallout franchise and I’m concerned that Elder Scrolls is not far behind. The much maligned Blades is a disaster and I don’t have high hopes for Elder Scrolls VI, whenever it is released. It’s these missteps and the growing DLC/purchase requirement to continue playing ESO that have led me to depart from the game. I’m not sure if it’ll be forever, but for now, I have no intention of returning. It’s unfortunate for me because I was unable to finish my Tamriel dungeon art project. I might return to the game in 2020 to finish that collection, but unless something drastic changes in the coming year with the way Zenimax markets the game, I’m afraid the days of Ravyn Nightwish traveling the Tamriel countryside are coming to an end.

Back to Skyrim!

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