Welcome Home, nightShifted Astronomy!


The nightShifted Astronomy header used from 2006-2012.

Some people know that from 2006-2012 I ran an amateur astronomy blog called nightShifted Astronomy at www.nightshifted.com. I still own the domain, but the blog has been dead for years due to some personal issues that took me away from astronomy as a hobby for a bit. I am pleased today to announce that nightShifted Astronomy is reborn here on my personal site along with my other content. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to integrate my space commentary and digital production alongside my work in the amateur astronomy community, which I am slowly starting to rebuild.

Soon you’ll start to see regular updates on this page and syndicated across my social media networks covering topics ranging from telescope use and backyard observing tips to commentary on the latest scientific discoveries and briefs on upcoming astronomical events. Additionally, I plan to start making YouTube videos in the coming months covering some amateur and professional astronomy topics. You can check out my channel here.

Keep your eyes on the skies!

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